Avalanche Transceivers

For over 30 years, ARVA has focused on designing and developing avalanche transceivers. We continue to innovate to make searches simple and easy, enhancing transceiver performance to locate buried victims as quickly as possible whatever the situation or conditions.

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Maximum performance, minimal size. The compact EVO5 is packed with the right technology to make it simple to use during a search. Both everyday and occasional users will love this device.

Price €264.90
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10% off your custom beacon + shovel + probe pack (Not applicable to safety packs)

How to choose your avalanche transceiver ?


The NEO PRO is ARVA’s new high-end transceiver. This device includes all the essential features for professional rescuers, such as an analog mode, a standby mode, and a SCROLLING function that allows you target a specific victim during a search.

Price €299.90
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